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About us


Emmaline Johansson is a self-started and running company, founded in June 2020.

Emmaline Johansson strives for a sustainable starting point, as well as quality handmade jewelery at affordable prices. All jewelry is produced in 925s Sterling Silver or Gold Plated 925s Sterling Silver, which is nickel free.

Sustainability and an environmentally friendly starting point are a major priority for the company. Therefore, the materials are exclusively from local and Danish companies! This means that the long transport process from abroad is simply cut off, and already in that area a lot of CO2 is saved 🤞🏻

I want to expand the range with the trends in the fashion world, and am happy to receive inspiration or unique and specified requests for jewellery.

Visit Emmaline Johansson in DesignHub Herning, where a wide selection can be found!

Enjoy your own unique jewelery experience at Emmaline Johansson!

Lots of love,

Emmaline Johansson
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